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Waterloo #3 - Prussia vs France
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Waterloo #3 - Prussia vs France (261 pieces - with free domestic shipping) Playsets by TSC | TSCPCS03-033fa $563.56$379.00

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Material: Scale:
Unpainted Plastic 54mm (1/32nd - about 2 1/4 inches high)

Waterloo - The Prussian Army Arrives on the French Right Flank and Turns the Tide of Battle!

After a long day's battle, in which the inferior British and their allies fought off numerous attacks, the beleaguered Anglo/Allied line was near the breaking point. Napoleon's massed artillery batteries were tearing Wellington's army to shreds, and the French light infantry were wearing down the remaining British/Dutch/Belgian/Brunswick troops with a constant hail of fire. Victory was in the air for the Emperor of the French. His vaunted Imperial Guard had been in reserve all day, waiting for the order to make the decisive attack which would end the battle. But just as he was planning his last attack, the vanguard of the Prussian army, allied to the British, arrived on the French right flank and initiated an attack of their own. Forced to pare away the precious regiments of his reserve, the best troops in his army, Napoleon first sent in his Young Guard, which temporarily held off the Prussians. But they were overwhelmed by the ever-increasing numbers of the German troops as they entered the fray. Soon Napoleon had to reinforce them with some of his finest, the "Old Guard," who he had been planning on using to send Wellington packing. The Guard did its job, but this left Napoleon's final attack against the British so weakened that, for the very first time in all of his decades of campaigning, his beloved Guard failed. The British and Prussians pursued the now-broken remnants of the French army and forever ended Napoleon's reign. This playset features Napoleon's attempt to hold off Field Marshal Blucher's Prussians, who had arrived on the field to save their British allies from defeat. The collection features figures by the great manufacturer, Timpo - beautifully sculpted French Imperial Guard and authentic Prussian Infantry and Cavalry.

The French:
16 Timpo Grenadiers of the "Old Guard" (in blue color)
32 Armies in Plastic "Young Guard" Infantry (in blue color)
16 Italeri French Cavalry (in blue color)
16 Italeri Napoleonic Cavalry Horses (black color)

The Prussians:
20 Timpo Prussian infantrymen (in gray color)
48 Timpo Prussian infantrymen (in dark blue color)
5 Timpo Prussian Lancer Cavalry (gray color)
5 Timpo Prussian Hussar Cavalry (gray color)
5 Timpo Prussian Light Cavalry (gray color)
1 Timpo Prussian Character Figure of Field Marshal Blucher (gray color)

2 Marx Wooden Buildings (brown color)
2 BMC Stone Buildings (colors vary)
2 Fencibles 12-pounder cannon
8 Sections Marx Wooden Fence (brown color)
2 Marx Wood and Stone Fence Gates (brown color)

Reusable playset box
Contents may vary. The Italeri horses shown with the Timpo Prussian cavalry are no longer in production. We have substituted Timpo horses for these models.

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