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Unpainted Plastic

Unpainted Plastic

WWII A Bridge Too Far Set #3 - Defense of Arnhem
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WWII A Bridge Too Far Set #3 - Defense of Arnhem (179 pieces - with free domestic shipping) Playsets by TSC | TSCPCS03-119c $449.30$279.00

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Material: Scale:
Unpainted Plastic 54mm (1/32nd - about 2 1/4 inches high)

The Defense of Arnhem - World War II Operation Market Garden "A Bridge To Far" Tri-Series Playset #3

The third playset in our Bridge Too Far range recreates the heroic defense of the town of Arnhem by British Paratroops of the Airborne Division from September 17-20, 1944. Having failed to seize the bridge across the Rhine River, which was the goal of Operation Market Garden, the 2nd Battalion of the division set up a defensive position around the south side of the bridge and awaited the planned arrival of the British 30th Corps, which was supposed to relieve them within 48 hours. Having been informed by Allied intelligence that they should only expect light resistance, the 740 men of the defense were surprised to find, instead, that they had landed in the midst of two German armored divisions. The Germans, who far outnumbered the British, attacked relentlessly for four days, pressing in on the shrinking perimeter with close assaults by infantry and tanks. Finally, short of ammunition, medical supplies and, most telling, of anti-tank munitions, the brave little force was obliged to surrender. Like Rorke's Drift, The Alamo and similar lopsided defenses, Arnhem stands as one of history's most gallant actions.

Few of history's military offensives have been as daring as WWII's "Operation Market Garden." This plan, put into action in September, 1944, was a combined Allied air and ground operation designed to force a path through Germany's weakened defenses in The Netherlands, moving  a massive Allied force across the Rhine and into Germany, ending the war by Christmas.

The plan was for over 30,000 American and British airborne troops to land behind German lines in order to seize a series of bridges which stretched across Holland. This "airborne carpet" could then be utilized by the powerful British 30th Armored Corps, to dash forward, destroying any light German opposition which might oppose them. But too much was left to chance.

The Allies were unprepared to fight a determined enemy. When the paratroops landed behind enemy lines they found they could not seize the bridges according to schedule, which caused massive delays. Precious hours were spent rebuilding bridges or installing  portable ones brought up in trucks. In one instance a group of American paratroops had to cross a river in flimsy boats under direct enemy fire in order to seize a bridge from both ends. And the ultimate goal, of a toehold in Germany, was denied the British Airborne division because of faulty planning, the loss of many units due to a variety of reasons and mostly because British intelligence had failed to learn that two German tank divisions had recently moved into the area into which the lightly-armed "Red Devils" were dropping.

This is one of three different, but inter-connected, Toy Soldier Company 'A Bridge Too Far' playsets. Each set can stand on its own, but when combined with the other two sets from the same range the resulting collection creates a broad canvas upon which you and your kids can rewrite history! Please note that the contents of each set are almost entirely different from the others in the range. When combining all three sets you will save a further 10% off the cost of the trio.

Contents (unpainted 54mm scale figures and accessories):

The Allies:
21 Airfix British Paratroops

The Germans:
30 Matchbox German Infantry
11 CTS German Assault Infantry
1 BMC German Mortar Team
1 CTS German Halftrack
3 CTS German Tanks

1 Plasticville Steel Girder Bridge
2 different BMC Ruined Buildings
1 TimMee Ruined Brick Building
16 Fencibles Sandbag Walls
2 Fencibles Stand-Alone Pillboxes with removable roofs
24 BMC Sandbag Walls
1 CTS British Flag with Timpo flagpole and base
8 Sections Marx recast Barbed Wire Fences
34-piece set of Marx Untouchables Accessories

Reusable playset box
Contents may vary from photo and/or description.
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