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WW II Commandos Strike at Dawn Master Set
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WW II Commandos Strike at Dawn Master Set (339 pieces - with free domestic shipping) Playsets by TSC | TSCPCS03-099f $1,143.25$465.30

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Material: Scale:
Unpainted Plastic 54mm (1/32nd - about 2 1/4 inches high)

Operation Archery - Master Set

This master set combines all three of our Commandos Strike at Dawn Playsets in one package. You get "The Landing", "The Town" and "The Island". By combining all three sets the resulting collection creates a broad canvas upon which you and your kids can rewrite history! Please note that the contents of each set are almost entirely different from the others in the range. When combining all three sets you will save a further 10% off the cost of the trio.

Like such big-screen adventures as "The Guns of Navarone," "The Heroes of Telemark," "Operation Burma," "The Devil's Brigade" and "Saving Private Ryan," this tri-series playset recreates a real-life WWII commando assault. In 1941, during England's darkest hours, Winston Churchill needed a victory to raise his people's spirits. Thus was created a secret raid on Nazi-occupied Norway, called "Operation Archery."

The Commandos landed on December 27, 1941, near the Norwegian towns of Maloy and Vagsoy, with the goal of destroying a number of factories which manufactured fish oil, used by the Germans to make nitroglycerine, cordite and tnt, as well as vitamins for their submarine crews. In a three-pronged attack, the British stormed the Nazi defenses and carried out a complex and well-coordinated operation.

The first attack (recreated in the first set) was against the town's southern defenses. The commandos disembarked from landing craft and fought their way ashore and engaged the defenders. Once these German were overcome, the British marched north to support the main attack.

The main assault (recreated in the second set) was met by heavy fire from prepared positions. The commandos stormed these and eliminated the defenders before moving on to the town itself, where a long, hard-fought battle took place. The Nazis, it turned out, included a unit of elite German mountain troops, who fought with skill and determination. After hours of trying different attack strategies, the Commandos finally triumphed, destroying the factories, liberating many villagers and taking numerous prisoners.

The third part of the operation (recreated in our third playset) was aimed at the island of Vagsoy, just off the coast near Maloy where a coastal battery of heavy guns had been firing on the Commandos' escorts, a cruiser and 4 destroyers. After storming machine gun pillboxes, the British seized the gun positions and engaged the remaining defenders before destroying the island's fish oil factories and munitions dumps.

The British:
14 ORIGINAL Airfix British Commandos
15 Matchbox British infantry
20 Marx recast British Infantry
3 Atlantic British Sailors to man the landing craft
14 Airfix British infantry
74-piece Airfix British Infantry Support Group (including 2 mortar teams, 2 machine gun teams, 2 bazooka teams and infantry support troops)
14-piece BMC British Infantry
9 Timpo recast British Infantry

The Germans:
10 Mars German Infantry with 2 Artillery Pieces
42 Airfix German infantry clones
15 Matchbox German Mountain Troops in white color
15 Matchbox German Infantry in gray color

2-piece M.P.C. Concrete and Rock Artillery Position
2 BMC WWII Landing Craft
8 M.P.C. Barracks Buildings
16 Fencibles Sandbag Walls
6 Fencibles Pillboxes
6 Marx Barbed Wire Fences
16 Marx Sandbag Redoubts
1 CTS German Flag with Timpo flagpole and base
2 BMC Houses
2 Fencibles Pillboxes
6 Marx Sandbag Redoubts
4 Form Tech Land Explosions (Our Exclusive)
1 Form Tech Water Explosion (Our Exclusive)

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