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Painted Plastic

Painted Plastic

Viking Warriors Pack - retired - very low stock!
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Viking Warriors Pack - retired - very low stock! (36 hand-painted soft plastic figures in up to 16 poses, 6 hand painted soft plastic horses, 6 accessories.) Fencibles | FEN007a $199.00

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Painted Plastic 60mm (about 2 3/8 inches high)
The best Vikings since Conte, and painted, too. Each bag includes 30 figures in up to 16 different poses of these hardy sea-rovers (the pose assortment varies from pack to pack). They are quite the mixture of Medieval arms and armor. Some wear only cloth tunics and breeches, while others are protected by chain mail, reinforced leather armor or what appears to be a bearskin tunic on the leader. Several have capes, most have helmets (with or without horns) as well as authentic-looking iron-reinforced wooden shields. They are armed with a wicked looking Danish axe (much stouter that Timpo's or Conte's), spears, swords and short Viking bows. There's a great leader, a horn blower to signal the charge and for those lightning-quick inland raids, a group of cavalrymen as well. If you've seen the reissue of the film, "Alfred the Great" or the tv series "The Vikings" or "The Last Kingdom" you will find what you want in these guys. As you approach the quavering Saxon, charge like Odin sired you. Set also includes 6 hand painted soft plastic horses plus a variety of siege weapons which may include a catapult, a crossbow catapult, a medieval cannon, a weapons rack, a chariot and a guillotine. The 4 siege weapons are shown with detachable horse hitches, so they can be pulled behind the enclosed horses.

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