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Military vehicles

U.S. 'Deuce and a Half' Truck - 1 in Tan
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U.S. 'Deuce and a Half' Truck - 1 in Tan (One unpainted soft plastic WWII vehicle) BMC Toys | BMC075c $22.95

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Material: Scale:
Unpainted Plastic 54mm (1/32nd - about 2 1/4 inches high)
Two views are shown of the truck - you will only receive one vehicle!

This full-scale truck fits in perfectly with BMC, Airfix, 21st Century Toys, New Ray, Forces of Valor and other 54mm vehicles. Measuring 8 inches long x 2.75 inches wide x 3 inches high, it features a flat cargo bed for holding supplies or troops, a removable canvas cover, rolling wheels with real metal axles and a rear hitch so it can tow an artillery piece. (Upper and lower photos contain figures for scale, the lower photo contains accessories to show how you can load the vehicle - these pieces are not included in the set.)

This is what "The Veteran's Breakfast Club" had to say about it:

"The deuce-and-a-half was a tactical cargo truck that could carry 2 ½ tons of materials on-road or off-road in all weather. The Army ordered 812,000 of these trucks, second only to the Jeep in wartime vehicle production. They rolled on asphalt, gravel, and mud-rutted roads all over the world, supplying and supporting ground troops wherever they went."

"The key was its versatility. There were over twenty major variations. Deuce-and-a-halves served as fuel tankers and fire trucks, cranes and troop carriers, radio shacks and mobile surgical units.  The famous amphibious DUKW—still used for urban “duck tours”—is actually a modification of the deuce-and-a-half."

"The three-axle truck was also durable. It could be repaired in the field with easy-to-interchange parts. Many were, in fact, shipped overseas in two halves and bolted together after arriving in North Africa, Burma, or France. So many were left overseas after the war that several countries’ armies continued to use them well into the 1990s."

"The deuce-and-a-half’s finest hour was after the breakout from the D-Day beaches in Normandy in 1944. The Red Ball Express was a mind-boggling supply operation by truck convoy that funneled water, fuel, engine parts, food, clothing, ammunition–you name it–from Cherbourg to the front lines. Piloted largely by African-American soldiers, 6,000 of these trucks, each emblazoned with a red ball, moved across France each day to keep the frontline forces in the fight. They drove in numerical order on military-only roads at 35 mph while maintaining a 60 ft gap between each truck. These drivers worked without stop for 83 days until November 16, by which time French railroad tracks had been repaired."

"The deuce-and-a-half remains part of the US military inventory, changed little since it first went into production in 1940. There have been new adaptations and improvements, tweaks to the chassis and engine, but the M35 2½-ton cargo truck has served in every American military operation since 1945, including Afghanistan and Iraq. And it’s a mainstay in armies around the world, from Norway to Fiji, Bolivia to Djibouti."

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