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Supreme WW II D-Day Playset (2nd edition)
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Supreme WW II D-Day Playset (2nd edition) (697 pieces - with free domestic shipping) Playsets by TSC | TSCPCS03-112s $2,344.65$1,299.00

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Material: Scale:
Unpainted Plastic 54mm (1/32nd - about 2 1/4 inches high)

The Biggest D-Day Set Ever Assembled!

The greatest invasion the world has ever seen took place on June 6, 1944, when the Allies landed troops by sea and air on the Normandy peninsula. The Germans had spent a year fortifying the coast, but were not sufficiently prepared to throw the Allies back into the sea, as their commander, Rommel, had hoped. Nevertheless, they fought tenaciously, holding up the forces on some beaches for a day while reserves could be called up. Behind the lines, meanwhile, Allied airborne forces played havoc with Nazi communications and seized bridges and crossroad strong points to allow the beach invaders to move inland. This set includes a spectacular beach defense trench and bunker system made of expanded foam resin, lots of Allied and German armored vehicles as well as a fleet, led by the Playmobil transport ship. This amazing full-scale vessel is an excellent choice as a troop carrier for the Pacific, North African, and European theaters of operation. It has a hold capable of carrying men and materiel and a large deck space which can transport artillery and armored vehicles. There is a bridge super-structure where additional figures can serve to bring your transport to shore so you can off-load the men and vehicles into your waiting Higgins boats. PLEASE NOTE: The beach defense system, which is shown painted in the photographs, is sold unpainted, as the painted version is no longer available.

50 Marx G.I.'s in green color
50 Marx G.I.'s in tan color
30 Matchbox G.I.'s in tan color
60 Matchbox British Infantry in brown color
24 Airfix U.S. Paratroops
18 Marx French infantry
3 BMC D-Day character figures of Lord Lovat (commando leader), Teddy Roosevelt, Jr. (U.S. division commander) and U.S. Ranger hero Sgt. Harrison Summers
10 21st Century Toys fully-painted U.S. artillerymen

30 Matchbox Germans in Wehrmacht gray color
120 Matchbox Germans in tan color
2 BMC German mortar teams
1 BMC character figure of Field Marshal Rommel

Terrain Accessories:
GIANT 5-piece unpainted Form Tech German Concrete Bunker and Trench System
Playmobil transport ship (see details above)
12 Marx barbed wire and post walls
12 Marx Sandbag Redoubts
24 BMC tank traps
24 BMC steel beach obstacles
24 BMC sandbag walls
12 BMC Barbed Wire Fences
4 Marx concrete pillboxes

Allied Accessories:
6 BMC Higgins boat landing craft
1 Ideal U.S. Navy Underwater Demolitions Team boat with mini-submarine, 3 frogmen and ship's captain
M.P.C. U.S. Navy P.T. boat
4 Marx Jeeps
4 BMC U.S. Sherman Tanks
4 Marx U.S. 105mm howitzers
4 Fencibles British 25-pounder Field Guns
1 CTS British flag
1 Timpo U.S. flag
2 Timpo flag poles and bases

German Accessories:
2 CTS German 88mm guns
3 BMC German King Tiger Tanks
1 Classic German flag
1 Timpo flag pole and base

This enormous playset is packed in four cartons!
Set contents may vary
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