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Supreme Vietnam War Battle Playset
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Supreme Vietnam War Battle Playset (399 pieces - with free domestic shipping) Playsets by TSC | TSCPCS03-140b $990.15$579.00

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Material: Scale:
Unpainted Plastic 54mm (1/32nd - about 2 1/4 inches high)

Vietnam - French Plantation Battle

Although most of the French planters who once tilled the soil of their long-established colony departed when France lost its battle against the Viet Minh, this family stayed behind. Now, they are being rooted out by local Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Regular troops. The planters resist, aided by a handful of French veterans who chose to stay behind when their army returned to France. But they can't hold on for long. Luckily a reaction force of U.S. Marines, U.S. Infantry, U.S. Green Berets and South Vietnamese Regulars has just arrived on the scene, so as the Vietnamese forces push their attack to seize the plantation, the U.S. and South Vietnamese troops are mounting a counter-attack.
This set recreates a jungle battle in involving 98 Vietnamese, U.S. forces, French civilians and infantry. The set comes with a such military hardware as an armed water craft reminiscent of a "swift boat," an American helicopter, missile launcher and howitzer, plus a full-scale plantation manor house, a metal bridge, a huge jungle which includes over 60 palm trees, flags, 40 wooden and barbed wire fences, 7 Southeast Asian animals (2 water buffalo, an elephant and a selection of tigers) and over 100 additional accessories. (Please note: since this set was originally created, several new sets of Vietnam War figures have been produced by Mars. We have included all of them in this set.)

The Allied Forces:
15 Mars Vietnam War U.S. Marines
15 Mars Vietnam War Army of the Republic of Vietnam
7 Mars Vietnam War U.S. Infantry
7 Marx Vietnam War U.S. Green Berets
12 Marx 1920's Untouchables figures as French civilians
6 Marx French Infantry
1 Marx Priest
2 Dulcop Civilians (mother and daughter)

The Vietnamese:
15 Mars Vietnam War North Vietnamese Regulars
18 Mars Vietnam War Viet Cong

1 Painted Southeast Asian Ruined Temple Sculpture
1 Safari Elephant
1 BMC Manor House (12 pieces)
56 Fencibles Multi-Colored Palm Trees (2-on-a-base)
1 Marx 155mm Howitzer
1 New Ray 155mm Howitzer
1 Marx Wood and Earth Artillery Redoubt
12 New Ray Modern Weapons and Accessories
1 Set Marx Palm Trees and Bushes
1 M.P.C. PT Boat
16 section Britains Herald Farm Fence
2 Britains Herald Farm Gates
1 painted Britains Herald Water Buffalo
2 Timpo Flags (French and American)
1 Marx Crop Set
32 sections Marx Barbed Wire Fence
1 set Marx Military Modern Accessories
24 BMC Sandbag Walls
1 Boley Bridge
7-pc Marx Tent Set
33-piece Marx Modern Armory
22-piece Marx Modern HQ set with Jeep
3-piece Marx Large Rock Set

Reusable playset box
Contents may vary. The Explosions shown in the photograph are out of production and are no longer included in this set
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