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Plastic Toy Soldiers

Plastic Toy Soldiers

Roman Mounted Auxilliaries - Cohors Equitata
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Roman Mounted Auxilliaries - Cohors Equitata (5 unpainted soft plastic figures with 5 horses - gunmetal color) Expeditionary Force | EXP60RMN02-A $44.50

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Unpainted Plastic 60mm (about 2 3/8 inches high)

Following the conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar, the main source for Roman Cavalry becomes Celtic. Thus, much Roman cavalry equipment have Celtic influence. We include the ubiquitous oval Celtic cavalry shield among our sets.

The Cohors Equitata contains both infantry and cavalry elements and is especially handy for detached missions such as outpost defence and raids. From the pay records, it seems that the mounted soldiers in a cohors equitata are ranked below that of an Ala cavalryman. There is some speculation that these mounted soldiers are more in the nature of dragoons rather than battle shock cavalry. We decided to name this set as Mounted Auxiliaries rather than Cavalry. We will be doing a set of auxiliary infantry with matching shield emblem for those collectors who wished to have both elements of a full cohors equitata.

Our photos show the different arms options included in the set, which offer the figures the chance for wielding a sword or their primary weapon, the spear (both for thrusting and for throwing).

(When we do the eastern legions, we will do scale armor for the cavalry sets.)

Although it will take you about 3 minutes per figure to assemble these warriors, the resulting model will blow you away with its detail, dimensionality and fluidity of motion. (Use "Gorilla" Super Glue.)

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