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Plastic Toy Soldiers

Plastic Toy Soldiers

Roman Legionaries - Legio III Gallica
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Roman Legionaries - Legio III Gallica (9 unpainted soft plastic figures in 3 poses - gunmetal color.) Expeditionary Force | EXP60RMN01-G $40.50

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Unpainted Plastic 60mm (about 2 3/8 inches high)
Legio tertia Gallica ("Gallic Third Legion") was a legion of the Imperial Roman army that was founded around 49 BC by Julius Caesar during the late Roman republic for his civil war against Pompey.The cognomen 'Gallica' suggests that recruits were originally from Gaul.The legion took part in all of Julius Caesar campaigns against his enemies, including the battles of Pharsalus and Munda. Following Caesar's death, III Gallica was integrated into the army of Mark Antony, a member of the Second Triumvirate, for his campaigns against the Parthians. They were included in the army levied by Fulvia and Lucius Antonius (the wife and brother of Mark Antony) to oppose Octavian, but ended by surrendering in Perugia, in the winter of 41 BC. The legion was still active in Egypt in the early 4th century.
These magnificent figures set a new standard for excellence in the toy soldier marketplace! Each figure is composed of a body trunk with legs, onto which you glue a head, 2 arms, one or more weapons (you get a sprue of various swords and spears, including authentic pila).   Although it will take you about 3 minutes per figure to assemble these warriors, the resulting model will blow you away with its detail, dimensionality and fluidity of motion. (Use "Gorilla" Super Glue.)

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