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'Queen Victoria's Little Wars' Master Playset
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'Queen Victoria's Little Wars' Master Playset (Buy all three 'Little Wars' playsets and save! 612 pieces - with free domestic shipping) Playsets by TSC | TSCPCS03-065h $663.30

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Material: Scale:
Unpainted Plastic 54mm (1/32nd - about 2 1/4 inches high)

Wars in Deserts, Mountains and the Veldt!

Queen Victoria reigned for almost a century, during which her armies fought many battles to expand and defend her empire across nearly 20 percent of the globe. Most of these "little" wars pitted small armies of exceptionally well-armed British and allied troops (from such far-ranging locales as India and Egypt) against much larger forces fighting with inferior armaments. A pattern emerged in which initial, small Anglo/Allied forces were wiped out, only to be "avenged" by larger forces at a later date, with the resulting victory adding another jewel to Queen Victoria's crown.

This master set offers a selection of 156 British, Scottish and Egyptian infantry and cavalry, plus British Artillerymen with Camel-Mounted Field Guns, fighting 214 Afghan, Zulu and Sudanese infantry and cavalry (a total of 370 figures), plus a wide selection of period and location-appropriate accessories.

The British Forces:
16 Conte Collectibles British Infantry in Sun Helmets set #1 with a figure of Lt. Chard (Stanley Baker's character from the movie, "Zulu.") (red color)
16 Call to Arms British Infantry in Sun Helmets set #1 (red color)
32 Call to Arms British Infantry in Sun Helmets set #1 (tan color)
32 Call to Arms British Infantry in Sun Helmets set #2 (tan color)
8 Timpo Highlanders in Highland Bonnets
4 Timpo British Lancer Cavalry
8 Armies in Plastic Camel-Mounted Artillerymen, riding 8 camels, with 4 disassembled field guns mounted on 8 additional camels - the guns can be taken off the beasts and be assembled
20 Armies in Plastic Egyptian Infantry

The Zulus, Afghans and Sudanese:
36 Armies in Plastic Zulu Warriors
48 M.P.C. recast Zulu Warriors
40 Lone Star Afghan Warriors
5 Armies in Plastic Afghan Cavalry
20 Armies in Plastic Sudanese Dervish Warriors
20 Armies in Plastic Sudanese Mahdist Riflemen
5 Armies in Plastic Sudanese Cavalry
20 Armies in Plastic Sudanese Hadendawa Warriors
5 Armies in Plastic Arab Cavalry

2 B.M.C. Ruined Buildings to serve as Rorke's Drift Hospital Building and Storehouse
2 Rel Covered Wagons
18 Real Canvas Sacks to use as mealy bags
18 Marx recast Crates to be used as biscuit boxes
New Ray Covered Wagon drawn by 2 Britain's Herald Gaurs
2 American Lookout Towers
6 Marx recast Rocks
12 Marx recast Spiked Log Defenses
9-pc Marx recast 19th Century Headquarters Set
12 Marx recast Sandbag Redoubts
24 B.M.C. Sandbag Walls
19-piece Marx recast Arab Tent and Accessories
32 Fencibles Palm Trees
1 Timpo Arab Flag, flagpole and base
1 Marx recast Waterfall and Rock Pool

Packed in reusable playset boxes. Contents may vary. The British Flag shown in the photo is no longer available. It is not included in the playset. Our Free Playset Shipping offer applies to U.S. addresses only, using regular ground delivery. Click on the Ordering Information button at the top of any page for overseas and overnight shipping rates.

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