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Unpainted Plastic

Unpainted Plastic

Polish Lancers - French Guard Cavalry
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Polish Lancers - French Guard Cavalry (5 mounted in 3 poses with 5 horses - 54mm plastic models) Expeditionary Force | EXP54FRN12 $44.50

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Material: Scale:
Unpainted Plastic 54mm (1/32nd - about 2 1/4 inches high)
Polish Lancers appeared in many armies of this period and wore basically the same uniforms except in different colors. In the French army, they appeared in Blue (Polish) and Red (Dutch). These figures are cast in Prussian blue color. Horse colors vary. Some assembly required.

The set contains 5 model soldiers and 5 horse models: 1 officer and 4 troopers. The heads and arms are interchangeable giving you at least 10 different assembled postures (including the inclusion of swords and carbines).

The model troopers can be assembled into two tactical scenarios: attacking (lance couched) or advancing (lance raised). The use of the lance required special training. In pursuit and when attacking infantry in line or open formation, the lancer was a deadly shock arm of any army. Each saddle cloth displays the imperial eagle emblem, making these part of the Imperial Guard (although Polish Lancers were also found serving in line regiments and foreign auxiliary units).

The Lancer officer is not issued with the lance and has his aiguillette on the right shoulder. (Troopers have theirs on the left). There is a glued-on dropping horse-hair plume on the officer's shako. This was non-regulation in the French army. (They were embellished with plume and cords for parade.)  His shabraque (saddle cloth) is of leopard skin, popular among light cavalry officers of the period.

The lancer, however, was at a disadvantage in a melee and thus, lancer units always had a rear rank of troopers armed with the sabre and the carbine. The arm options to assemble such troopers are included in the set.

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