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Painted Thermopylae Playset
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Painted Thermopylae Playset (29 pieces - with free domestic shipping) Playsets by TSC | TSCPCS03-001ee $674.65$239.00

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Material: Scale:
Painted Plastic 54mm (1/32nd - about 2 1/4 inches high)

The Battle of Thermopylae - One of History's Greatest Battles

In 480 BC, in Northeastern Greece, a small force of Greek warriors held off a vast Persian army in one of the most lopsided battles ever fought. The Greeks, led by the king of Sparta and his bodyguard, occupied a narrow seaside pass, forcing the Persians to attack where their superior numbers could not be brought to bear. Spearheaded by the Spartans, the heavily armored Greeks might have held back the eastern invaders even longer, except a local tribesman betrayed them and led the Persians around their rear. Nevertheless, the Greek stand has been celebrated in song and story for thousands of years, recently retold in the novel "Gates of Fire" and the film, "300". We salute the brave Greeks is this playset, holding back the Persians as they fight for control of a fully painted pass.

The Spartan defenders in this set are the world-famous Britain's Herald 'Trojans,' which have been favorites among collectors since they were made in the 1970's. The Persians were painted by our in-house artist in high detail. They feature historically accurate uniforms. We have taken pains to ensure that you will receive many different poses of Persians in numerous regimental outfits. Accompanying the Persian host is a Toy Soldiers of San Diego war elephant, which the Persians fielded to great effect against their enemies for hundreds of years.

The Greeks (poses vary):
8 painted Britain's Herald Greek infantry
1 painted Britain's Herald mounted General

The Persians (poses vary):
14 fully painted infantry in historically accurate regimental uniforms
1 TSSD Persian War Elephant with "car" which protects two soldiers

The Accessories:
Form Tech Mountain Pass

We include flat storage boxes so you can store your painted figures in safety.
The set comes in a playset box. Contents may vary.

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