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Metal Toy Soldiers

Metal Toy Soldiers

Sepoy Defending Set #1 - Only 3 remain in stock!
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Sepoy Defending Set #1 - Only 3 remain in stock! (2 painted metal figures) Britains Metal Toy Soldiers | BRM43094 $80.00

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Our Collection of Painted Metal 54mm (1/32nd - about 2 1/4 inches high)
The Indian Mutiny 1857. Victoria Cross Collection:
England's great trading conglomerate, The British East India Company, was its own World Power by the middle of the 18th century. It fielded its own armies and sent warships and trading vessels around the globe. During the 1700s The Company began gobbling up the independent principalities and kingdoms of the Indian subcontinent. Within 100 years they had annexed most of India, through wars, treachery, bribery and extortion. But by 1857, much of India's population had had enough. In what Indians now call their First War of Independence, and what the British call "The Indian Mutiny," a sizable portion of the Company's Hindi troops rebelled, joined by a number of the remaining independent provinces, who saw the handwriting on the wall unless they acted. In a series of bloody engagements, the Indians at first achieved the upper hand. But within months The Company received military aid from the British Government, in the form of regular British regiments shipped in from England and the colonies. A brutal reconquest ensued, and within 2 more years the rebellion was put down and "order" was restored. The outcome of the revolution was a re-evaluation of Company policies, resulting in direct rule from the British Government. This series rediscovers the battles between local troops and British regulars in beautifully sculpted poses and realistic paint jobs.
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