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Hand-Painted Siege of Malta Playset
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Hand-Painted Siege of Malta Playset (311-piece Renaissance playset, with original Barzso expanded foam resin star fort, 180 painted figures and accessories - with free shipping) Playsets by TSC | TSCPCS03-006f $2,229.00$1,783.20

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Material: Scale:
Painted Plastic 54mm (1/32nd - about 2 1/4 inches high)

Siege of Malta on a Grand Scale!

The great siege of Malta, which took place in 1565, is one of history's most famous last stands. There, in the Mediterranean Sea, a small contingent of crusading knights and men at arms stood fast against an overwhelming army of the Ottoman Empire. The siege went on from May through September, and the vastly outnumbered defenders fought off countless attacks by land and sea. Their stout walls were under constant bombardment, their supplies interdicted, their medical services stretched to the limit. But the long-established Hospitalier crusading knights and their Maltese allies fought on.

This playset recreates the battle for Fort St Elmo, a star-shaped crusader outpost which was the scene of some of the most intense fighting of the campaign. As the defenders lost many of their number each day, their casualties had to be evacuated every night by rowing them across the harbor to safety. The same boats brought back contingents of volunteers who knew they were going to meet their doom the next day.

This playset features our largest selection EVER of painted figures: 129 Ottoman infantry by Dulcop, Britains, Reamsa and Cheilea, painted in a variety of authentic uniforms. The 51 defenders are a mix of DSG Hospitalier knights and Monarch Spanish. The ORIGINAL Barzso star fort makes a perfect setting for St. Elmo.

The Knights Hospitaliers:
24 DSG Hospitaliers in red
3 DSG Hospitalier Banner Bearers in red
24 DSG Hospitaliers in black
3 DSG Hospitalier Banner Bearers in black
9 fully painted Monarch Conquistadors

The Ottomans:
100 fully painted Dulcop Turks in assorted regiments
1 fully painted vintage Britains Deetail Turkish Officer
10 fully painted vintage Britains Deetail Turkish Infantry
13 fully painted vintage Reamsa figures painted as Turkish Infantry
4 fully painted Cherilea figures painted as Turkish Infantry
1 fully painted animated Turkish flagbearer

The Fort
ORIGINAL 12-piece Barzso Star Fort, made of painted expanded foam resin

6 TSC Land Explosions (our exclusive)
4 Marx recast Wood and Earth Redoubts
4 Pressman cloned Medieval Artillery Pieces
1 Original Timpo Flag, Flagpole and Base
1 Timpo recast Medieval Tent
2 7-piece Marx recast Tent Sets
2 19-piece Marx recast Medieval Accessory Sets
8 Fencibles Ladders
12 Marx recast Chevaux de Frises

Please note: the assortment of figure poses and their paint jobs varies from set to set.

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