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Giant Roman Colosseum Playset - only 3 left!
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Giant Roman Colosseum Playset - only 3 left! (395 pieces - with 170 gladiators, citizens and soldiers, plus free domestic shipping) Playsets by TSC | TSCPCS03-003k $1,857.52$1,299.00

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Material: Scale:
Unpainted Plastic 54mm (1/32nd - about 2 1/4 inches high)

The Great Roman Colosseum Revisited!

When Playmobil released a full-scale Colosseum several years ago I intended on building playset around it, but never got to the task until long after the toy was withdrawn. That's why this is a limited edition! This huge playset is one of the biggest collections we've ever assembled, and includes 170 gladiators, Roman citizens, soldiers and aristocrats from Barzso, Marx, Safari, Hat and Chariot. In addition we have included a wide assortment of wild animals, scenic settings, chariots,market stalls and  much more.

1 Playmobil Roman Colosseum to hold the games.
1 BMC Roman Villa
1 Playmobil Large Rock Hill (12 pieces)
2 Playmobil Large Rocks (6 pieces)
1 Playmobil Breakaway Rope Bridge (18 pieces)
4 Marx recast 4-horse chariots (1 each in yellow, white, blue and red colors)
75 Marx recast Roman gladiators, chariot drivers, slaves and citizens (25 eah in gray, tan and cream colors)
25 Marx recast Barbarian Warriors to use as gladiators (tan color)
16 Barzso Spectators (cream color
2 Barzso gladiators (cream color)
10 Chariot Warriors with David and Giant Goliath Warrior to use as gladiators (flesh and gray colors)
16 Hat Celtic Warriors to use as gladiators
16 Hat Roman Allied Troops to use as guards
2 Hat Carthaginian Elephants and Warriors to use as gladiators (gray color)
7 hand-painted Safari Romans (Emperor, Noblewoman, General, Senator, Centurion Gladiator and Legionary)
1 hand-painted Britains Herald African Elephant
1 hand-painted Britains Herald Indian Elephant
1 hand-painted Britains Herald Lion
1 hand-painted Britains Herald Lioness
1 hand-painted Britains Herald Panther
1 hand-painted Britains Herald Tiger
1 hand-painted Britains Herald Gorilla
4 Marx recast lions and tigers
A Marx recast 4-piece canopied slave auction stall
A Mars recast 5-piece canopied food and housewares stall (missing one small implement)
A Marx recast 19-piece Arab tent and accessories set (not shown)
A Marx recast Desert Oasis (not shown)
A full set of Marx recast Ben Hur accessories, including:
3 different busts of Roman soldiers and statesmen mounted on sculpted columns
A Roman fountain
3 Braziers (3-legged bronze fire holders)
A 4-piece cart (with a wooden skewer to use as a axle)
1 Upholstered Couch (put your seated women here)
1 Upholstered Stool (put your seated man here)
1 Wicker Fruit Basket
1 Wicker Basket
3 Earthenware Urns
2 Broken Chariot Wheels
1 Mule with pack load
1 Dulcop Quintain (Gladiator Training Device)

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