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Civil War Playset #1 - Antietam Bridge
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Civil War Playset #1 - Antietam Bridge (141 pieces - with free domestic shipping) Playsets by TSC | TSCPCS03-053h $379.75$249.00

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Material: Scale:
Unpainted Plastic 54mm (1/32nd - about 2 1/4 inches high)

The American Civil War Tri-Series set #1 - Antietam

The Civil War began with small engagements but expanded over 4 years to include the largest land battles ever fought in the Western Hemisphere. This playset provides young collectors with the soldiers and accessories to re-fight the crucial engagement at "Burnside Bridge" during the Battle of Antietam.

Having been rebuffed by Robert E. Lee's Army on the right and center of the Confederate position during the morning of April 17th, 1862, the four Union divisions of Major General Ambrose Burnside's IX Corps hoped to turn the Confederate left flank by forcing a bridge across Antietam Creek.

Topography at the bridge heavily favored the few hundred Georgia men who defended it under the leadership of Brig. Gen. Robert Toombs (the 2nd and 20th Georgia of Toombs’ Brigade, the 50th Georgia of Drayton’s Brigade, and a Company each of Hood’s Texas Brigade and Jenkins’ Brigade).

Supported by C.S.A. artillery, Toombs' men took up positions on a bluff overlooking the bridge, and soon the Federals began their assault. One after another, their gallant charges were broken by deadly short-range fire from the Georgians and their cannon. But after a few hours Union artillery arrived and began hammering the Confederate positions. Two fresh Union regiments, the 51st New York and the 51st Pennsylvania, charged the bridge. Supported by the artillery fire, they were over it before Confederate infantry and artillery volleys could halt them. Soon a wide gap split the Confederate defense and masses of Burnside's troops gained the west bank of the creek.

In the photo on the left is elevated bluff (created by us for the photo - you'll have to build your own), where Toombs' troops and artillery are trying to hold the Federals at bay. In the center is the bridge (a full-sized replica by Form Tech, cast in expanded foam resin) and on the right the Union reinforcements provide covering fire and wait their turn to cross.

The figures and accessories from this set can also be used to re-stage battles such as First Bull Run (First Manassas), Seven Pines, Seven Days Battles, Second Bull Run, Shiloh, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville and others.

This is one of three different, but inter-connected, Toy Soldier Company American Civil War Playsets. Each set can stand on its own, but when combined with the other two sets from the same range the resulting collection creates a broad canvas upon which you and your kids can rewrite history! Please note that the contents of each set are almost entirely different from the others in the range. When purchasing all three sets at one time you will save a further 10% off the cost of the trio.


The Union:
20 Accurate Union Infantry in sky blue color
16 Call to Arms Union Infantry in mid-blue color
16 Imex Union Infantry and Artillerymen in mid blue color
16 Hat Union Zouave Infantry in red color

The Confederates:
24 Marx recast C.S.A. Infantry in gray color
12 Replicants Confederate Infantry

1 Large, Authentic Model of the real Antietam Bridge, produced by Form Tech
4 BMC Civil War Cannon
4 BMC Civil War Artillery Caissons
2 BMC Stone Walls
3 Form Tech painted "Explosions" A Toy Soldier Company Exclusive!
10 Marx recast Dead Trees, Rocks and Stumps
8 Fencibles Trees
4 Marx Recast Tree Lines

Reusable Playset box
Set contents may vary
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