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Tide of Iron - Tactical WWII Board Game
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Tide of Iron - Tactical WWII Board Game (Board Game featuring 200+ unpainted miniature plastic figures and accessories) Fantasy Flight Games | FFG001 $179.00

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This miniatures game recreates World War II tactical conflict for two to four players. The HO-sized soldiers, artillery and armored vehicles included allow players to simulate the division-sized battles which took place between American and German forces in Northern Europe between 1944 and 1945. Using a wide assortment of infantry types, including regular and elite infantry, mortar and machine gun crews, players assemble their armies for each game by slotting individual figures into plastic bases which can each hold a single unit type. By assembling multiples of certain units, and combining them with armor and artillery, each general can coordinate attacks across the game board to conduct battles. The miniatures are supplemented with game cards, while combat is determined by dice rolls, which can be modified by a unit's armor rating, defensive terrain and other factors. Like all the most popular games we have offered in the past, from "Field Command" and "Serenissima" to "Attack" and "War, Age of Imperialism," the main attraction of Tide of Iron is its miniatures. These guys are truly impressive. They're not the generic WWII figures you've seen in some other games. These really look like the units they're representing, including paratroops, infantry, specific weapons and armor types. The play system is easy to learn, and games can be played in anything from an hour to a full day, depending on the scenario. This is destined to be a classic. Each set includes: 12 double-sided full-color map boards (allowing an endless variety of terrain types on which to play), dozens of map overlay elements to customize battlefields, 200+ miniature plastic playing pieces representing 17 different unit types (from infantry to impressive Shermans, Panzer IVs, Tiger Is, halftracks and trucks), 48 plastic bases on which to mount the infantry, rules of play, a scenario guide and player reference sheets.
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