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Battle of Agincourt Playset
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Battle of Agincourt Playset (244 pieces - with free domestic shipping) Playsets by TSC | TSCPCS03-010c $480.01$179.00

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Material: Scale:
Unpainted Plastic 60mm (about 2 3/8 inches high)

The Greatest Battle of the Middle Ages!

One of history's most famous battles was fought in 1415, when Henry V of England invaded France to claim the throne. In an amazing feat of logistics, he raised and equipped a relatively large army for his time, composed mainly of archers, but with a hard core of armored knights and men at arms. At Agincourt, a 30,000-strong French army, composed almost entirely of fully-armored noblemen and men-at-arms, 2,000 of them mounted on giant war horses, came face-to-face with the English. By this time, Henry's army was reduced to just 900 knights and men-at-arms and 5, 000 archers. It looked like only a miracle would save the British from annihilation. But the resulting battle did not go as the French had planned. Instead of trampling the archers beneath the hooves of their magnificently decorated mounts and taking the pitifully small core of the English army as hostages, the results were the exact opposite. 28,000 fully-armored French attempted to charged towards the English position. But the freshly-plowed field which the French had to cross to reach the English, just 200 yards away, had been soaked by a torrential rainstorm. The ground had turned into a sticky, muddy, clay morass which slowed the French charge to a crawl. Men had to advance one slow, step a a time,dragging each foot through the deep, cloying mud. 5,000 English longbowmen fired 10-15 shots per minute from their bows (disparaged by the French as "peasant's weapons"). Caught beneath a sky blackened by half a million arrows, the French horses were slaughtered and the approaching knights were doomed before the battle even started. Each remaining Frenchman, encumbered with 70 pounds of steel, plodded through hundreds of yards of thick, gooey mud towards their "prey", only to be fallen upon by the nimble bowmen, who stabbed with their daggers through visor slits, arm vents and other weak points in the Frenchmen's armor. Within a few hours 7,000-10,000 French lay dead, with another 1,500 of the richest men in Europe captured, while the English suffered only 100-400 casualties. Now you can test the power of the longbow against French steel.
All figures and accessories in this set are unpainted. All are 60mm scale except the peasants, who are slightly smaller, at 54mm.

The British:
50 Marx recast Robin Hood archers and unarmored peasants, some armed with swords, staves and daggers
16 Jecsan dismounted knights and men at arms
4 Jecsan mounted knights with 4 Jecsan medieval war horses

The French:
136 Marx dismounted knights and men-at arms (Marx recast, Jecsan, Barzso)
12 Jecsan mounted knights with 12 Jecsan medieval war horses

CTS Medieval British flag with Timpo flagpole and base
CTS Medieval French flag with Timpo flagpole and base
4 Marx recast tree lines

Reusable playset box
Contents may vary. Please note that due to poor quality control, some of the peasants' weapons may be shortened and their bow strings parted.

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